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The 4L Trophy Crypto Team

The Project

We need your help !

Hi, we are Johan and Alexis and today, you can help us make both African children wish and our dream come true. How ? By being part of the funders of our “Quatrelle Trophy” participation.

The 4L Trophy consists in a student raid from Biarritz to Marrakesh (6000 km) to provide educational, sport and medical supplies to children living in the desert in association with a non-profit organization called Les Enfants du Désert (literally “Children of the Desert”). Our aim is to learn the basics of mechanics by repairing an old car (a famous 4L) to go there, but also to challenge our motivation and of course to bring everything we can to help disadvantaged children of the desert.

This is at most of all a fun project made by old friends who want to do things together mixing solidarity, fun and innovation !

We therefore decided to crowdfund this project only with crypto currencies as we think that they deserve everyone’s attention. We wanted to hightlight its international purposes of solidarity and humanitarian aid. We also heard about some other projects that have been successfully backed by generous communities all over the internet so we thought : why not take the chance ?

We can only achieve this with your help, and this would be an honor for us to gather a community of crypto users ready to follow us on this journey !

Some figures about the raid

70 tons of supplies for the children
6000 Press articles
1500 teams










Cumières, France


Fleury-la-Rivière, France


INSA Strasbourg (French equivalent to a master degree in engineering)


ITEEM Lille (French equivalent to a master degree in engineering)


Guitar, Robotics, Computing & Programming


Taking part in projects (IT, humanitarian,...), learning new skills, spending time with friends

Progress state

Mechanical repairings
Electronics : GPS tracking and more surprises ! ;)

Spending previsions

8 590€
10 167$
3.55 BTC

They support us

Help us !

In return, you will get...

1€ or more
A big thank-you at the credits of the after movie !
5€ or more
Your name/pseudo on our car (2,5cm high and limited to 15 characters, see FAQ for more informations) + the previous reward
20€ or more
A dedicated photo of us with your name/pseudo in the desert + all the previous rewards
100€ or more
We’ll send you a postcard from there ! + all the previous rewards
250€ or more
You will be invited to our debrief after the raid with Champagne ! + all the previous rewards
750€ or more
You’ll get a car tour if ever you come to our place + all the previous rewards



I don’t know anything about crypto, how can I help you ?

Excellent ! It is a pleasure to welcome you in the crypto world ! To use crypto coins, you first have to open a wallet and buy coins with traditionnal money before you can spend it. Everything is explained here :

What is a 4L ? “Quatrelle” ?
The 4L is an emblematic French car (Renault 4) produced between 1961 and 1992 at 8 million copies. The one we bought is a 4L F6 from 1981. (Check for more informations)
How can I be sure that you will not keep my money for you ?

The only way we found is to let people be aware of our spendings at any time with this Google Sheet

What if the BTC price gets low ?

For now, we put our own money in this. We bet on the fact that the rates will increase in some time before the beginning of the raid and that we will be able to get (most of) our money back.

How will my name/pseudo be shown ?

Here is an example of the render of the printed names.
(Be aware that we keep the right the to remove any inappropriate content !)

How will you manage not enough/too much donations ?

If we do receive more, every donation will be given to the "Les Enfants du Désert". In the other case, we will manage to find traditionnal sponsorings by profesionnals, but we hope that this won't happen !

Why only 60 days ?

According to the previous answer, we need time in order to find extra money in case this campaign does not work. Plus, it is much more exciting, right ?